How to read Japanese Crochet Pattern

Everyone Loves Japanese Crochet Crafts. They are cutee.. or Kawaiii in Japanese language
But then how do we make the crochet stuff if we cannot speak Japanese -.-!!!@&%#@??&
Oops.. Keep Calm.. so let me show you how to read the Japanese Crochet Pattern

Well, the Japanese Crochet Pattern usually in Chart / diagram instructions which using crochet symbols. International Crochet Symbols that easy to understand. Each of the Japanese Crochet eBook has some pages (usually on their last page) that explain about Crochet-Symbols abbreviations.
Basically once you mastering the international crochet symbols.. it would be easy for you to read them.
I found the chart pattern is easier than the traditional pattern (Round 1. ch3 - sc in next - 3sc in next 3 sts, blabla) i usually got lost in the middle of my crochet stitches :))

I've put together some of common used technique and symbols in Japanese chart pattern. You can see below pictures.

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Meanwhile the pattern will looks like this below picture :
  1. It works on counter-clockwise round. So you have to follow the pattern just like the directions of the blue arrows.
  2. This one is circular pattern so we will crocheting in circles that start from the center (you can see above picture two technique crocheting in circles - with magic ring or round chains)
  3. The number on chart showing the number of crochet ROUND.
  4. Each symbol is a stitch. It starting with magic ring (green color circle) and next Round will be working follow the blue arrows. Lets Read the charts.

Make a Magic ring (green color circle)
Round 1 (red circle) - chain 1, 10 times sc into magic ring, slip stitch to join. 
Round 2 (yellow circle) - ch 3, dc in same st, 2 times dc (dc increase) in next stitches all around, slip stitch to join the circle.
Round 3 - ch 3, dc in same st, 2 times dc (dc increase) in next sts all around, sl st to join the circle.
Round 4 - ch 3, dc in next 2 stitches, 2 dc (dc increase) in next st, (dc in next 3 stitches, 2 dc (dc inc) in next st) repeat all around. sl st to join the circle.
Next Round you can follow the chart symbols until you finish.

Just Remember to Memorize the Crochet Symbols, every symbol is a stitch and working follow counter clockwise. Hope these basic crochet pattern will help you to read the Japanese charts.
Below some links to help you with crochet technique . 


Happy Kawaii Crocheting *.* Thank you for visiting.

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